Thursday, August 3, 2017

Studio visit with Nicole Galluccio

IHP Curatorial Lab recently spent the morning with artist Nicole Galluccio in her studio. We learned about the motivation for her work and discussed the direction of her art practice. She will be soon be having a solo show in Delray Beach, FL and is working toward that project.

Nicole is a painter using acrylic and paper on canvas. Her work finds inspiration in fashion, pop culture, comics, music and media tabloids and incorporates those ideas into a visual explosion of color contrasting against a black and white paper collage background.

Galluccio, originally from New Jersey. Began undergrad education in Biochemistry, originally intending on a career in medicine but somewhere in the middle decided she loved medical and biological illustration and switched over to a Fine Arts major. She found a love for painting and over time, the work evolved into more of a vibrant pop art, with a fond affinity for graffiti and street art [and the underground arts culture and movement]. She has a studio at the Boynton Beach Arts District.

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