Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Interview with Bill Viola

This is an interview with Bill Viola, one of America's most important contemporary artists. He was (is) a pioneer in video art. Bill Viola was interviewed by Christian Lund, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, in London, 2011

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Treasure Tuesday to begin

(Formerly Free Art Friday) hosted by the library

Based on the success of Free Art Friday, the Jupiter FAU library is continuing its campaign on campus to encourage people to start thinking about art. Students, faculty, staff and even motivated community members will be able to participate on different levels, depending on how inspired they become.

What is Treasure Tuesday?
1.      Every TUESDAY morning, the library staff will pick a unique location on the Jupiter FAU campus to leave a small piece of FREE ART! (Both indoors and outside!!)
2.    They will then take a partial photo of the art in the location it was placed —to give a hint as to where you can find it.
3.    They will tweet the picture every Tuesday morning.
4.   Anyone who follows the library on twitter @FAUjupiterly can find the photo; then start the scavenger hunt on campus.
5.    First person to find the art gets to keep it!

6.   The only thing we ask in return is that you tweet us back with the photo of you holding the artwork to @FAUjupiterly tagged with #treasuretuesday

We WELCOME any artists or crafty folks to donate a small artwork that we can give away. The more we get— the better it will be to see what free artwork you can score. JOIN IN!! You can drop off your donated artwork at the front desk in the library.

Let’s start trading and talking about art!