Monday, February 22, 2010

Andrew Binder on Exhibit

Andrew Binder
Handmade artist books (2002-2010)

showing through May 14, 2010

"As an artist I am primarily interested in books and book forms, because I am fascinated with the byplay between the complexity of the information that can be packed into a book’s contents, and the shear simplicity of traditional book forms. I am also fascinated by the interaction of image and text, and the movement between pages that force the viewer to be gently manipulated into an artist’s vision. I view books and book forms as information storage and retrieval systems; that can transport the viewer into the past, the present, or some sublime abstract future, depending on the whim of the artist. In fact my definition of book forms as information storage and retrieval systems allows me to include websites, multimedia, and even databases as art, as books were designed as storage spaces of vast quantities of information and image.

When I started to create books, I realized that they could be much more than simple individual images, and that the arrangement, distribution, and format could be used to convey even more complexity to the work. Books are interactive and they demand a greater level of commitment from their audience. By their very nature they force the notion of discovery; a process that forces the viewer to become part of the experience in a tangible and physical way. It is in this sense of integration that my art is a rebus for the viewer to figure out..."