Thursday, July 6, 2017

Outreach Ilustration Project

The library outreach coordinator has produced a book that highlights select Wilkes Honors College theses through illustration. It is available for preview or purchase [at cost] on blurb. Follow this link.

Here are a few highlights.

Behavioral enrichment of captive black bears (Ursus americanus). Jasmine Gonzalez, 2012.

The elephant in the room: why is it difficult for hospice workers to discuss death with their terminal patients? The effects of death attitudes, avoidance, and interpersonal issues.  Kristy Beroldi, 2013.                            

The antecedents of attitudes toward homosexuality: a comparison of the effects of disgust, openness, religion and contact in anti-gay attitudes. Jessica Newton, 2011.  
(image inspired by

Sex, violence, and corruption: the politics of cinema in post-transition Mexico. Katharine A. Taylor, 2003.

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