Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Artist interview with Agata Ren

We recently sat down with Agata Ren, a local painter focusing on the environment and endangered species. You can learn more about her and her work by visiting her website

Here is what she had to say...

1. When did you begin to define yourself as an artist?
I think the first time I called myself an artist was in 1999 after I got commissioned for a big painting by a German doctor. Since I was a kid I wanted to be an artist but my parents response was not encouraging. I always loved painting and creating and my class mates asked me to paint for them in art class. It took me many years, many inner struggles, determination and a supportive husband to become a full time artist.

2. Is there one specific piece or series of work that altered or defined what type of work you would make?

I think my work is an unconscious outcome of inspiration from hundreds of artworks I've seen in museums, galleries and shows. My own Dodo definitely initiated my series depicting endangered species that I'm working on ever since. In 2013 after, what I call, a vision I had one night I brought my idea into reality and created the Dodo.

3. Are there any artists in particular that have influenced you and your work?
Up to my early 20s I was a big Dali fan. Then I got into graffiti/street art as well as into serious art like Gerhard Richter, Joseph Beuys and Andreas Gursky form the Arts Academy of the city of Düsseldorf, Germany, since I started studying in Düsseldorf. The interest in all those different artist could explain my artistic vary and range prior to 2013.

4. Do you find that your geographical location helps or hinders your ability to show the type of work you want to? Why?
I find my current work was shown in key places in Palm Beach County and in South Florida and won some awards even in those 2 years I started with this series. I assume it's a proof for acceptance and recognition of my artwork.

5. How do you pick your subject matter for your work?

My artwork is currently dedicated to endangered species. I care a lot about our environment because I have children and I want them and their children to grow up in a healthy and beautiful world. I love people, animals and the nature and I understand that we need a functioning Eco system for all of us to thrive! I feel even though I'm a small part of a large arrangement it can make a difference what I do and I want to give positive! Giving positive would mean to me that my artwork would inspire somebody to feel deeply enough to face the realities of our time! That we are creating our future and when we transform we change our future! My motivation is my love for life and I want to donate spirit.

6. What draws you to painting more than any other medium?
I am drawn to painting because I love to create with my hands. The more hands on I am the more liberating it feels to me. That explains why I'm drawn to large scale artwork and why I often use my own hands and fingers as a brush! Sometimes the act of creating an artwork feels like a dance where I use my whole body movement for the ceremony. It feels as if I have a primitive desire to create that runs through my body anticipating to be exposed.

7. What do you want to accomplish as an artist?
I want to inspire people! I want to show that people are important! I want to show the lure of our nature! I want to show the beauty of living and extinct creatures. I want for my artwork to give an emotional imprint that stimulates all senses.

8. Where else can we see your work- galleries, online, etc.?
My work was shown at the PBI airport, the Cultural Council of Palm Beach, Coral Springs Museum of Art, the Lighthouse ArtCenter Museum to name a few. Some of my work can be seen in public places, for example in Pompano I have a Painted fish sculpture, a mural at Pine Grove Elementary School and street art in Delray.

I have a studio in the heart of Boca where I have people come see my work by appointment and my work is constantly in different exhibitions as well.
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Artist Statement

“Everything seems to be connected on our planet earth. I'm interested in the consequences of human behavior. How much responsibility do we have and what do we owe to the planet if we are to be the most intelligent species? I’m passionate about creating delightful artwork consisting of and featuring endangered and recently extinct species while using old social publications documenting peoples interests and having those temptations fade into the background! My artwork reflects on our society. My mission is to bring about awareness through my artwork.”

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