Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Cornell Museum Art Talk

The Cornell Museum held a talk related to a current exhibition project the library is involved in.

        The panel included:
        Francie Bishop Good : Artist and founder of the Girl's Club Collection Ft. Lauderdale
        Cheryl Mader: Fine Arts Photographer
        Diane Arrieta: Mixed Media visual artist
        Marisa Pascucci: Curator of Collections: Boca Raton Museum of Art
        Jannette Roberts: Publisher at Professional Artist Magazine
        Jane Manus: Sculptor
        Brenda Zappitel: Painter

Here are some images: There were approximately 70 attendees. The event was very successful and informative. Thank you Cornell Museum of Art for hosting and inviting us to participate!!

Of course when there is a carousel outside any event; one must get on it!
The city of Delray Beach is fun!

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Drew Watts said...

The event just looks outstanding. It looks like a great event location like Chicago wedding venues. I have never guessed this was a Museum. Thank you very much for sharing your pictures here!